The Propfather rents out Props and Set Dressing for any project or occasion. We are constantly adding to our stock, and occasionally retiring exhausted items. Stock may be viewed online in various categories under “STOCK”, or use the “SEARCH” function. To appreciate everything to its full extent we recommend a visit to our premises, where you can search for what you need, and probably find something you never thought of.

Rentals are charged on a weekly basis, 1-7 days constitutes one week, 8-14 days two weeks and so on. The rental charge will decrease the longer the items are hired.
Clients are responsible for transport of stock rented. We encourage you to bring enough labour to load your vehicles.

Clients are responsible for the safety and security of all stock once it has left our premises. We appreciate responsible renting; stock hired from us and returned in the same condition always makes life easier for all concerned.

All items are rented under the Propfather “TERMS AND CONDITIONS”. Anything rented from us is understood to have been done after clients have read, understood, and agreed to these conditions.